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Flash programming fails


Possible problems and solutions:

1. Wrong CPU selected.

Double check the target CPU designation and verify that a matching CPU is selected in Hardware / Emulation options / CPU tab.

2. CPU is reset by either external watchdog circuitry or internal CPU watchdog during flash programming procedure.

Disable all reset sources during debugging. More information available here

3. The number of Flash write/erase cycles is limited.

The exceeded limit can result in a failed programming or data corruption (not very likely but it is possible): Try performing Flash programming on another target featuring the same MCU/FLASH device.

4. Target CPU is faulty.

Replace the CPU or use another target for test.

5. SFR database doesn't match the winIDEA version you are running.

Refer to the SFR Selection chapter for more information about controlling the SFR database location and behavior.

6. Debug session isn't stable.

Refer to How to configure max debug frequency? topic to ensures that under all circumstances the debug communication will work reliably.

7. Check other topics on Flash programmings:
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