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isystem.connect: Install Python


There are three different ways to use isystem.connect with Python:

1. Custom Python installation from Python Package Index (PyPI) - recommended

isystem.connect SDKs for all active Python versions from 3.6 and newer are available via PyPI server from for winIDEA versions 9.17.158 and newer, including 9.21.x, as Wheels. 

To install isystem.connect for Python via PyPI server:

  1. Open command prompt with Python in PATH.
  2. Execute:

python -m pip install isystem.connect

2. Python distributed with winIDEA installation

winIDEA installation bundle includes Python 3.6 and isystem.connect SDKs. Python distributed with winIDEA installation includes modules not provided in standard Python distribution, for example numpy, scipy, etc. It is used to run internal scripts such as daqIDEA. 

Avoid installing custom modules, as they may break scripts provided by iSYSTEM. Furthermore, any custom modules added to this instance of Python will be overwritten when a newer winIDEA version is installed.

3. isystem.connect SDK with installers for several Python versions

If you need isystem.connect for Python versions older than 3.6, or PyPi server is not accessible, then you can download SDK with installers:

  • Directly from iSYSTEM web page or 
  • Click Help / SDK / Download Python SDK from winIDEA main menu

Download the SDK package, unzip it and run installer in the folder called installers

When upgrading the module, make sure that no Python script using the previous version of isystem.connect is running at the time of installation.

Beside installers for several Python version, this package contains

  • iTest:  template file used by testIDEA to generate test scripts, XML Style sheets, XML schemas, and CSS files for isystem.test reports, which are generated by testIDEA or scripts with isystem.test API
  • Examples for FNet, Target Projects, advanced use cases

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