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Why use winIDEA Examples and how to install them?


We recommend that first-time users use winIDEA Workspace Examples, which cover all main supported CPU architectures and iSYSTEM BlueBox combinations. It will ease getting started and get to know winIDEA IDE.

It is presumed that winIDEA IDE is already installed.

Installation steps:

1. Open winIDEA.  At first start-up you are prompted to select workspace. At this moment the window Select Workspace dialog is still empty. 

2. Skip this step and close the dialog Select Workspace.  

3. Click Help / Install ExamplesExamples are extracted by default to: %USERPROFILE%/iSYSTEM/winIDEA. 

4. Select an example via File menu / Select Workspace.

5. In the Filter section start typing the CPU Family or scrolling and select example (with corresponding workspace) that matches your Target CPU and iSYSTEM BlueBox hardware. If example is not available for your Target, select the most similar one.

6. After selecting an example, a pre-configured workspace opens in winIDEA. 

More resources:

More on this subject in the Tutorial First steps

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