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Power On/Off procedure


For powering use only original iSYSTEM accessories, which are delivered together with the BlueBox hardware. If you wish to use a power supply different from the delivered one, consult with iSYSTEM first. It’s presumed that the development PC is powered already, winIDEA installed and all the hardware  connected (PC – BlueBox – Target Board).

Powering On/Off steps: 

1. Start  by connecting the power supply. The required power supply is delivered with the BlueBox. A round 3-pin power connector is located on the rear of the BlueBox base unit. It is important to push in (pull out for disconnect) the power supply connector plastic sleeve carefully into the BlueBox as it features a locking mechanism.

Double check that the BlueBox power switch is in OFF position before connecting the power supply.

2. Power on the BlueBox.

3. Connect the power supply to the embedded Target Board.

4. Power on the Target Board.

When debugging is completed the hardware should be powered off in the reverse order.

More resources:

Follow the Tutorial for more information about the configuration.

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