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How to connect BlueBox and embedded target via Debug Adapter?


The Debug Adapter is directly connected to the embedded Target and the other side connects via the ribbon cable to the iC5000/iC5700 Debug and Trace Module (DTM). 

Configuration steps: 

1. Connect the grounding wire first.

Allocate ground potential (GND) on the Target and connect it with the GND pin on the BlueBox front panel with the Grounding wire delivered along the BlueBox.

It is very important for both, the BlueBox and the Target to have a common ground potential at the power on and power off procedure. Otherwise transient voltage spikes which can occur during the power On/Off procedure can damage the hardware. 

Connecting ribbon cable to the Debug Adapter: Debug Adapters (delivered along with the BlueBox) use one or two ribbon cables (see above image A and B).  If the Debug Adapter features two ribbon cables they come fixedly connected. The connector at the end of the ribbon cable has a locking mechanism. Push carefully and PARALLEL both sides and listen for the “click”. For more information follow winIDEA Help

Check this topic if the embedded target does not provide a matching debug connector (e.g. has different pinout as BlueBox debug adapter).

2. Connect the Debug Adapter to the DTM connector(s) of the BlueBox.
The connector has a locking mechanism. Push carefully and parallel both sides and listen for the “click”.

3. Connect the Debug Adapter to the Target: 
If the target connector doesn’t provide a key pin or a key notch, make sure pin 1 is properly identified on the Debug Adapter and the Target since a mistake could damage the hardware. 

Pin 1 can be marked by a small dot next to the connector or a number 1 marker or a small triangle marker imprinted into the connector plastic, etc.

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