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Cannot set a hardware breakpoint


Most probably all available hardware breakpoints are used up.

Possible solutions:

1. Switch to software breakpoints.

Open Hardware menu and select Use Software Breakpoints

2. Remove one or more existing hardware breakpoints.

Open Debug menu / Breakpoints to remove the hardware breakpoints.

3. Using Slow Run and Run until.

Using Slow Run sets a breakpoint on all possible instructions that the CPU could go to next and then executes the run command. When the CPU is stopped at the previously set breakpoint, that breakpoint is removed and a new one is set to next instructions and so on. In case you are stopped on a switch instruction or a complex if statement, compilers usually generate a jump table and winIDEA must set breakpoints on all possible jump locations in order to stop CPU on next instruction. This can use up all available hardware breakpoints.

4. Disable the onboard debugger.

Some evaluation target boards have onboard debuggers. In case you are using iSYSTEM tools for debugging your application, make sure that any onboard debuggers are disabled as having them enabled could prevent our tools from having access to all the available resources, including hardware breakpoints.

5. Update winIDEA.

In case you are not using the latest verified build of winIDEA, update your version to the latest one available on our website.

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