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Source level debugging not available when the symbol file was compiled on the same PC


An application symbol file was compiled on the same PC as where it is used for debugging in winIDEA, no related folders structure or files were changed but the modules source files debugging is not possible in winIDEA.

The source code lines used for debugging in winIDEA are marked with square symbols on the grey strip (Glyph margin in Editor window) at the left side of the source file code in the opened source file, but these markings are not visible when trying to debug. This can happen because the compiler truncates the source files paths needed for debugging.

Possible solutions: 

Assure that the compiler does not truncate source file paths.

For exampleGCC compiler command line -remap should not be used.

Use Symbol window.

Open the Symbols  window by selecting View menu / Debug / Symbols.

In this window, all configured applications can be expanded to see symbol files modules related source files and their folders.

  • If the source files here are greyed out, it means that winIDEA was not able to locate them. You can locate them manually by right-clicking on such a file and selecting Locate Source.
  • If the source files that do not have source line debugging available are not greyed out, it means they could not be found on the path defined in the symbol file. You can compare the source file folder path you see here in the Symbol Window (it is best to use the absolute path display option for the Modules folder in this case), with the path of the folder where you have this file on your PC. You may also use Dump ELF to see what paths were used for source files. If the paths in the ELF file mismatch, use them in Convert source file paths.

Use the option Convert source file paths.

The option Convert source file paths can be set in such a way that winIDEA is able to convert any changed, modified source files paths back to the original source file paths, thus enabling source level debugging in this case.

More resources in winIDEA Help:

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