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OSEK / AUTOSAR: How to export Profiler data to BTF format?


BTF (Best Trace Format) s a CSV-based trace format supported by different timing tool vendors. The winIDEA Analyzer can export OS-aware traces into BTF.

BTF export requires Task-State information.

BTF Export via iTCHi 

If you already use iTCHi for Task-State Profiling, iTCHi can automatically create the BTF mapping, and the BTF export should work.

If you use Running Task/ISR Profiling, this doesn't include State information by default. Using iTCHi, you can configure the winIDEA Analyzer so that Task and ISR states for BTF export become available.

The recommended way to export BTF is a Task-State trace. Only use the approaches below in cases where Task-State tracing is not feasible.

1. Make sure the two attributes listed below are included in your iTCHi configuration file. You can find more information in the Basic Configuration section.

  • orti_file
  • profiler_xml_file 

2. Execute iTCHI and use the following command:

itchi-bin.exe --running_taskisr_btf

BTF Export via winIDEA

1. Load symbols via the Load Symbols Only button in the winIDEA Debug toolbar to ensure that the latest Profiler XML is in use.

2. Record a trace with the necessary configuration to record Tasks, ISRs, and optionally Runnables.

3. Press the Export button in the Profiler Timeline toolbar. 

4. Select BTF format export and specify an output file.

5. Make sure that the Entire session is selected. 

5. Press Export

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