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Creating an SMP configuration


This use case is based on the Infineon AURIX TC399 device, but the configuration steps can be used for other devices as well. For a more detailed visualization of the whole configuration procedure follow the tutorial Pure SMP system.

TC399 is running AUTOSAR Operating System on all six cores.


1. Create a new Workspace via File / Workspace / New Workspace and follow the Wizard. Check Take me there after the wizard.

2. Add an operating system via Debug / Configure Session / Application / OS.

3. Create an SMP for all 6 cores via Debug / Configure Session / SoC / SMP.

4. Add a Memory Space for all 6 cores and map it to the matching application. 

5. (optional) HSM and SCR core should have their own Application and Memory Space. 

winIDEA issues a warning in the Progress window if SMP requirements are not met. In this case check your multi-core synchronization settings

More resources in winIDEA Help:

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