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Creating a hybrid AMP/SMP configuration


Note that this use case is based on Infineon Traveo II 8M, but the configuration steps can be used for other devices as well.

In winIDEA you have to create two Applications (App) with two Memory spaces (MS). 

  • Application B and Memory Space for the Core M0+ (AMP) as the boot core
  • Application A and Memory Space for two M7 cores (SMP)


1. Create a new Workspace

2. Press Take me there after the wizard to open the Session Configurationdialog. 

3. Change the default application name Application B via Application / Edit. Symbol file was already added in the first step.

4. Make sure the Source file path is correct in the Directories  page. 

5. Confirm and set another Application via Application / Add. Give it a meaningful name.

6. Add the Symbol file(s) (ELF) for the cores in the Symbol files page. Don't forget to check if the Source file paths are correct.

7. Open SoC / Edit  to configure the two Memory Spaces and SMP.

8. Check Cortex-M7.0 and Cortex.M7.1 in SMP / Edit to bind the two M7 cores in SMP. Give it a meaningful name (e.g. MS_App_Core1andCore2).

9. Change the default Memory Space name for Core 0 and remove the two default Memory Spaces in the Memory Space page. 

10. Create a new Memory Space via Add button, give it a meaningful name . 

11. Connect the to the Memory Space and the SMP configuration via Location (core, SMP) drop-down. 

12. Map it to the Application A via the Application drop-down. 

13. Add Program file(s) for the M7 cores.

14. Perform download and start debugging!

For a more detailed visualization of the whole configuration procedure follow the webinar Hybrid AMP/SMP system.

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