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How to measure Core / CPU Load?


CPU Load is an important tool to understand the real time behavior of an application and can be calculated by averaging over the Core Loads.


Below sampling based profiling example is done on TC399X with no instrumentation.

1. Configure a New Workspace.

2. Configure the DAP Wide clock Hardware menu / CPU Options / SoC to 100000 kHz.

3. Configure your Operating System in Debug / Configure Session / Applications  / OS

4. Select Active Probe in Debug / Configure Session / SoCs / SoC / Probe field (if using an Active Probe)

5. Configure your SMP.

6. Perform Debug / Download.

7. Open View menu / Analyzer / Profiler page and select the OS objects you wish to observe (e.g. idle task, task load). 

8. Start the Analyzer session and stop it after a while.

9. Observe the results in the Profiler Timeline and Profiler Statistics window. 

For a more detailed visualization of the whole configuration procedure follow webinar CPU Load Measurement.

More resources:

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