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Power measurement with Power Probe and ADIO add-on module



After you have successfully connected hardware and selected the current range according to the shunt resistor (JB1 jumper block), and voltage range depending on your target power supply range (JB2 jumper block ) on the Power Probe, configure the following settings in winIDEA. 

1. Open Hardware menu / Options / FNet  tab.

2. If your FNet device(s) are not are listed in section Currently connected FNodes, click Refresh and wait for winIDEA to list all connected devices (FNodes).

3. Click Create configurations for connected FNodes. Configurations are created, which is indicated by:

  • FNode configurations - Listed devices with Matched FNode
  • Currently connected FNodes - Y (for yes) under Matched config
  • Currently available networks - List of available networks

If you are using an Active Probe, make sure it is selected in Hardware menu / Emulation Options / Probe.

4. Select the ADIO FNode and click Edit (or double-click) in Hardware / Options / FNet and select the AIN tab.

5. Give the configuration a meaningful name by clicking the Network button.

6. In the Analog IN section make sure only 0 (AIN 0) is checked.

7. From the Multiply drop-down menu select a multiplier for AIN0 based on position of JB2 (Jumper block for selecting different voltage ranges) on the Power Probe.

8. Check Use AIN0 / AIN1.

9. From the Current Shunt Resistor drop-down menu select a shunt resistor based on position of JB1 (Jumper block for selecting current range according to the shunt resistor) on the Power Probe and the table on the right side in winIDEA dialog.

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