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ARM Cortex-M: How to configure ITM trace?


Possible solution:

It is assumed that debug session is correctly configured and established. 

1. Open Hardware menu / CPU Options / SoC tab.

2. Select SWD (or JTAG Debug Protocol according to your configuration).

3. Select Parallel  (or SWO Trace Capture method according to your configuration). Confirm by clicking OK. 

4.  Open View menu / Analyzer.

5. Click on the Analyzer Configuration icon in the Analyzer toolbar.

6. Check Manual Trigger/Recorder Configuration and click Configure in the Analyzer Configuration-[Default] / Hardware tab. Make sure that only Profiler is checked as well. 

7. Check Enabled in Trigger [Advanced Coverage Trigger] / ITM tab.  This enables the ITM settings in the bottom right corner. Close the dialog by clicking OK. 

8. Check Data in the Analyzer Configuration [Default] / Profiler tab. Make sure Code, OS objects and Network are left unchecked. 

9. Click New / Trace in the Data Areas section. 

10. Give the ITM trace a  meaningful name in the Description field. 

11. Select ITM from the Location drop-down menu.  Write the number of the channel in the field (e.g. "1"),  which configures the ITM Channel. 

It is possible to write numbers from 0 to 255 as ITM module has 256 stimulus ports where different data can be sent.

Confirm by clicking OK and start New Analyzer session.

More resources:

  • Refer to the tutorial ARM Cortex-M Instrumentation Trace to explore Software Tracing on ARM Cortex-M architecture using the Instrumentation Trace Macrocell (ITM) via two use cases: printf() debugging using GCC/newlib and Function and Data Profiling based on the AUTOSAR application
  • ITM in winIDEA Help

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