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ARM Cortex-M: How to configure ITM trace?


Possible solution:

It is assumed that debug session is correctly configured and established.

1. Open Hardware menu / CPU Options / SoC page.

2. Select SWD (or JTAG Debug Protocol according to your configuration).

3. Select Parallel (or SWO Trace Capture method according to your configuration). Confirm.

4. Open View menu / Analyzer.

5. Click on the Analyzer Configuration icon in the Analyzer toolbar.

6. Check Manual Trigger/Recorder Configuration and click Configure in the Analyzer Configuration-[Default] / Hardware page. Make sure that only Profiler is checked as well. 

7. Check Enabled in Trigger [Advanced Coverage Trigger] / ITM page.  This enables the ITM settings in the bottom right corner. Close the dialog.

8. Check Data in theAnalyzer Configuration [Default] / Profiler page. Make sure Code, OS objects and Network are left unchecked. 

9. Click New / Trace in the Data Areas section. 

10. Give the ITM trace a  meaningful name in the Description field. 

11. Select ITM from the Location drop-down menu. Write the number of the channel in the field (e.g. "1"), which configures the ITM Channel.

It is possible to write numbers from 0 to 255 as ITM module has 256 stimulus ports where different data can be sent.

Confirm and start New Analyzer session.

More resources:

  • Refer to the tutorial ARM Cortex-M Instrumentation Trace to explore Software Tracing on ARM Cortex-M architecture using the Instrumentation Trace Macrocell (ITM) via two use cases: printf() debugging using GCC/newlib and Function and Data Profiling based on the AUTOSAR application
  • ITM winIDEA Help

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