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Initial debug connection fails


The debug session can not be established or it is unreliable.

Possible problems and solutions:

1. Wrong BlueBox selected.

Open Hardware menu / Debugger Hardware / Hardware Type and select your BlueBox. More information in winIDEA Help.

2. Wrong CPU selected.

3. Wrong Debug Adapter used.

Check if you are using a correct Debug Adapter for your target. 

4. Debugger connected to a wrong target connector.

Check if the debugger is connected to the correct target debug connector.  Multiple target connectors can have the same physical appearance and size, but have different functionality.

5. Wrong Debug Adapter orientation.

Make sure that the pin 1 of the adapter is aligned with the pin 1 on the target.

6. Target is not powered.

Check if the target is turned on and if power supply is really applied to the microcontroller. Use volt-meter for confirmation (particularly on targets without visual indication of power supply presence).

7. Target is supplied with an incorrect voltage.

Target must be supplied with the voltage in the range that is defined for it. Check the target reference manual for power supply specification.

8. Cable connecting the debug tool and the target is damaged.   

Inspect the cable for any physical damage. If possible, check the connections with ohm-meter. If it is damaged, contact iSYSTEM Technical support for a replacement.

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