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daqIDEA window disappears when clicking "Run"


It can happen that under some conditions daqIDEA crashes and thus the daqIDEA window disappears. This is more likely to happen with the older winIDEA versions as described below.

Possible solutions: 

1. Check winIDEA installation.

daqIDEA is a winIDEA tool written in Python. It requires isystem.connect SDK and some other Python modules in order to function properly. For this reason winIDEA installation portable copy) contain a Python distribution with the modules required. Changing the internal Python setup can cause daqIDEA to malfunction and even crash rendering it useless.

If for example you start experiencing problems with daqIDEA you may try to make a clean winIDEA installation:

1. Create new empty installation folder.

2. Install new winIDEA in the prepared installation folder from the previous step.

If daqIDEA starts working when using newly installed winIDEA, this means that previous installation has very likely been compromised in this way.

3. (optional) Check the version of the used Python isystem.connect SDK like in the code example from this chapter. It must match the used winIDEA version. Previously described two step procedure already includes the correction of this discrepancy if it occurs.

2. Disable Demo Mode.

Demo Mode is disabled by default in winIDEA. When enabled, daqIDEA data acquisition does not work!

In the older winIDEA versions, starting daqIDEA data acquisition during Demo Mode enabled can cause daqIDEA to crash. In the newer winIDEA versions the error message will pop-up as a reminder when this is tried and daqIDEA data acquisition will not start under this condition. The solution here is to disable Demo Mode.

3. Migrate to newer winIDEA.

Using older winIDEA versions can cause daqIDEA crash with specific devices (like NXP MPC5554) under specific conditions. This was fixed with winIDEA version 9.21.37. Migration to that version of winIDEA or newer will solve this kind of daqIDEA crashes.

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