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JTAG scan when multiple devices are connected in chain


JTAG Chain scan functionality enables you define IR/DR Prefix/Postfix values which could be entered in Hardware / CPU Options / JTAG. That is important when several devices are connected in a chain and you want to debug for example the second one.

Possible solution:

From winIDEA build 9.21.9 and newer:

1. Enable EVE scripting (number 27) via Help / Support / Log.

2. Select proper CPU via Debug / Configure Session / SoCs.

3. For the debug interface select JTAG in Hardware / CPU Options / SoC / Debug Protocol section.

4. From the main menu select Debug / Prepare to AttachwinIDEA displays  SoC DETACHED  in the status bar.

5. Open Hardware / Tools / Execute EVE Script and select JTAGSelect.cpp script which is located in the winIDEA  SFR subfolder.

6. Press the Run button.

7. After a few seconds result of the scan is shown in the Progress window.

If non-cortex device is present in a chain (TriCore) and you want to find IR/DR Postfix/Prefix values for that device, then the proper procedure is to first save workspace, change CPU type to a Cortex device as already explained, select JTAG debug interface, run the script and when you get the values, load workspace which you saved and use obtained JTAG scan values.

More resources in winIDEA Help:

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