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Active Watchdog issues


When an active External Watchdog circuitry or Internal CPU Watchdog is not serviced properly, it can cause problems such as:

  • Unintended reset during FLASH programming or mass erase operation
  • Error 258: Failed to initialize debug session
  • BlueBox loses control over the CPU after the application is run
  • UMI Error 39 (valid for Infineon TriCore, Renesas RH850 and ARM Cortex devices)
  • Error 88: Error during memory initialization (Infineon TriCore)
  • ...

Possible solutions: 

Verify, if your Target’s External Watchdog is disabled:

1. Connect the scope to the reset line.

2. Check if you get periodic pulses or if CPU is constantly in reset. If it is, disable external watchdog otherwise connection to the Target will not be possible. 

All reset sources external to the target CPU must be disabled when connecting BlueBox debugger to the embedded target or the connection to the target will fail.

Use logging to check if a reset is generated by the external or internal sources:

1. To start with an empty log file, will ensure that the log file will start with connection to the Debugger:

  • Power-cycle the debugger or
  • Select Tools / Disconnect.

2. Enable option Latch target RESET  in Hardware menu / CPU Options / Reset and confirm.

3. Disable Stop after target RESET

4. Open Help / Support / Log.

5. Check options 0, 1, 3, 4, 6, 28, 33. 

To avoid too many information in the log files don't enable too many options if it's not required. 

6. Select Debug level. 

7. Check Absolute time. 

8. Press Clear button.

9. Copy the Log file path to open it later in the in text editor.

i. Confirm changes.

ii. Execute CPU reset (Shift + F5).

iii. Open Log file.

iv. Search for TRESET or Target RESET string in the Log file.

The first reset is issued by the debugger.  If several TRESET or Target RESET strings are found in the Log file this indicates a watchdog reset (periodic reset) or other external source are resetting the CPU.

If Stop after target RESET in Hardware / CPU Options / Reset is enabled as well, debugger will not try to re-establish connection with the CPU, logging will be stopped after first reset, otherwise logging will continue.

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