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EmuSync: Synchronizing parallel processors under winIDEA control


You would like to synchronize:

  • The basic debugging operations across multiple winIDEA instances, independent of the BlueBox platform and processor family
  • The execution of a custom Python script using the isystem.connect API

Possible solution

With EmuSync you can keep track of many different winIDEA applications controlling each processor via shorthand's to operations that are commonly performed in all processors at once (Launch, Reset, Download, Runt etc.) and automatizing synchronous starts and stops:

1. Open Test / EmuSync.

2. If a configuration file with the same name as the currently opened winIDEA workspace is not found, a pop-up window will notify you that a default configuration file will be opened. Confirm by clicking OK.

3. Add winIDEA workspaces by clicking the Add button in the Instance workspaces section or load a different configuration file.

4. Select master and/or slave workspace in the  in the Selected Instance section.

5. Control winIDEA instances by using commands ( in the Selected Instance and All Instances sections.

Note that a synchronization delay is possible which depends on the type and number of CPUs. In case of multiple winIDEA instances click and drag a bottom right corner to expand the dialog.

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