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Trouble establishing debug session


Possible solutions:

1. Power-cycle your device and try to perform a reset.

This way you will pinpoint the issue either with:

  • Establishing debug session (if reset fails as well) or
  • FLASH programming (if reset works, but download fails).

2. Verify Hardware and CPU Options configuration.

Incorrect CPU selection, Reset selection or debug clock may prevent you from establishing a debug session. Check topics How to configure general CPU settings in the category Getting started.

3. Make sure you are using SFR database that matches the winIDEA version you are running.

SFR database holds various information, including how winIDEA should connect to the MCU. This information may be winIDEA version dependent, which is why matching SFR database should always be used.

More resources:

Refer to the SFR Selection chapter of winIDEA Help for more information about controlling the SFR database location and behavior.

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