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USB driver issues


During the winIDEA installation also the USB driver is installed. After powering the BlueBox, which is connected to the PC via USB, winIDEA shows errors, e.g. Communication Test fails.

When diagnosing USB communication related issues, it is advisable to check if the Ethernet connection is working. If it is, you can continue with possible causes below, because now you know that there is an issue with the USB communication.

Possible causes: 

1. Wrong BlueBox selected

1. USB device not recognized by Windows

2. winIDEA doesn't recognize the device.

3. No driver available, USB driver installation failed.

4. Using older and newer USB drivers side by side

5. Force USB driver deletion using CleanRegistry.bat or USB Deview utility

6. Windows 7: Cabinet file corrupted

If the above suggestions do not help, then clean up your registry before you proceed. To clean-up registry administrator privileges are required. After the clean-up install the drivers again; either winUSB or AsystUSB if you are using legacy debuggers.

AsystUSB driver is deprecated in winIDEA 9.21.34 and newer versions.

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