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Communication port/hardware not found


Communication between winIDEA and the BlueBox fails and an error is generated. Once you execute the Communication test displays the message Hardware not found.

Possible solutions to the most common issues

BlueBox is turned off

Turn on the BlueBox and try again.

Wrong hardware type selected

Verify the Hardware | Hardware | Hardware Type settings that the correct BlueBox type is selected.

USB cable plugged into the Ethernet port

Inspect the back of the BlueBox to make sure the USB cable is plugged into the USB port.

USB port on PC does not work

Try a different USB port instead.

USB port on the BlueBox does not work.

Try a different USB cable, and check if the device is visible in the Device manager, without any warnings or errors.

Older USB drivers

Update it.

Using multiple winIDEA versions

Power-cycle the BlueBox.

IP Address issues

Update firmware
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