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Using older and newer USB drivers side by side


It is possible to selectively decide which iSYSTEM hardware is used with which driver (e.g. use old, proprietary driver for iC3000GT and winUSB driver for iC5700).

Possible solution: 

1. Make sure that the winUSB is used for the desired hardware.

2. Connect the hardware you wish to associate with the old driver, e.g. iC3000GT.

3. Open the Device Manager, search for Universal Serial Bus devices.

4. Right-click the device, e.g. iC3000GT (SN 12345) and select Update driver.

5. In the pop-up window select Browse my computer for drivers and navigate to  your winIDEA installation directoryasystusbdrv subfolder (available from winIDEA 9.12.294 forward) and search this folder for a compatible driver, e.g. AsystUsb_iC3000GT.inf.

6. Restart the PC. Now you should see the iC3000GT listed under iSYSTEM Development Tool in the Device Manager. It should now work with older winIDEA versions (e.g. 9.11.89).

7. Open the older winIDEA version and run the Communication Test to make sure the driver is installed correctly.

More resources:

Refer to this topic for other solutions regarding USB driver issues. 

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