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The debugger cannot connect to the Target


If you are experiencing issues with establishing debug session, follow the below tips:

Possible solutions

Power-cycle your device and try to perform a reset

This way you will pinpoint the issue either with:

  • Establishing debug session (if reset fails as well) or
  • Flash programming (if reset works, but download fails)

Wrong BlueBox selected

Open Hardware | Debugger Hardware | Hardware Type and select your BlueBox.

The Wrong Debug Adapter used

Check if you are using the correct Debug Adapter for your Target. 

Wrong Debug Adapter orientation

Make sure that pin 1 of the Debug Adapter is aligned with pin 1 on the Target.

The debugger connected to the wrong target connector

Check if the debugger is connected to the correct target debug connector.  Multiple target connectors can have the same physical appearance and size but have different functionality.

Wrong CPU selected


  • Debug | Configure session | SoCs if the correct Device is selected or
  • Create a New Workspace via File | Workspace | New Workspace

Verify Reset settings

Change the Reset method from Regular to Stop.

Verify Debug clock

Adjust (lower) the JTAG Scan speed via Hardware | CPU Options | JTAG.

Target is not powered
  • Turn on the target
  • Check with the volt-meter for confirmation (particularly on targets without visual indication of power supply presence) if the power supply is applied to the microcontroller. 

Target is supplied with an incorrect voltage or is not stable
  • Check the target reference manual and/or schematics for power supply specifications. 
  • Make sure that the power supply is applied to the target JTAG connector
  • Configure correct debug interface voltage levels (Vref) via Hardware | CPU Options | Hardware.
  • NXP/ST Power Architecture: Check debug voltage levels and instead of Vref specify fixed voltage in Hardware | CPU Options | Hardware. Error JTAGC ID: 0xFFFFFFFF OnCE ID: 0xFFFFFFFF BYPASS: 0x7FFFFFFF means that there is no response from the chip)

Device may be locked 

Make sure you are using SFR database that matches the winIDEA version you are running.
Check this topic.

Debug Adapter / BlueBox is damaged

Inspect the cable for any physical damage. If possible, check the connections with the ohm-meter. If it is damaged, contact Technical support for a replacement.

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