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Error message: License expired


BlueBox has to be initially licensed or after the evaluation period ends, BlueBox stops working. After the initial licensing period (1 year) ends, you can use all winIDEA builds published up to the expiry date of your winIDEA license. winIDEA license can be extended.

Possible problems and solutions

BlueBox was not initially licensed

Open Tools / License dialog. If no licenses are listed, you need to request an INIT string for initial licensing. 

winIDEA build was published after your license expired

If your BlueBox was initially licensed, the license and its expiry date are listed in the Tools / License dialog. If your license has already expired, check the winIDEA release date in Help / About winIDEA.

If the winIDEA release date is later than the license expiry date, you need to use an older winIDEA build or renew the license by contacting

winIDEA version and older

The license dialog is located under Hardware / (Hardware) / License.

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