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All Licenses and Activation Keys are stored in hardware (BlueBox, Active Probe, IOM6 AOM). winIDEA has to be connected to the specific hardware to find the license. 

Possible problems and solutions

Wrong hardware

Select the right hardware type from the drop-down menu in Hardware / Hardware / Hardware Type dialog.

Wrong communication type between BlueBox and winIDEA

Select the communication port (USB or TCP/IP) you are using and test if communication between the BlueBox and winIDEA is working in Hardware Hardware / Communication

Wrong Device

If you are using a USB communication port and have more than one BlueBox device connected to your PC, select the correct Device from the drop-down menu in Hardware / Hardware / Communication. 

Wrong debug module

BlueBox System is selected by default as a debug module. If you are using an Active Probe, select Active Probe in Debug / Configure Session / SoCs. Read more about Active Probe issues.

Power-cycle the BlueBox (when using different winIDEA versions)

1. Close the newer winIDEA.

2. Power-cycle the BlueBox.

3. Open the older winIDEA.

4. Perform a Hardware / Hardware / Communication / Test. You should get the message Reprogramming emulator.

Between two winIDEA versions there are often differences in the bitstream in the BlueBox, and winIDEA tries to update the bitstream before initiating communication. Bitstreams gets updated with the new winIDEA, but it is not reverted with the old winIDEA.

winIDEA version and older:

License dialog is located under Hardware / (Hardware) / License.

More resources:

  • More information about Licensing
  • Send licensing request to
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