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Renesas RH850: Using ICUM as a boot core and unable to download


When the ICUM is enabled flash erase and program operations are not possible. ICUM protected setup requires a custom procedure to perform a download. Note that disabling and re-enabling the ICUM is not necessary if a download files' image is unchanged.


1. At all  times leave the Boot Core to PE1 in Hardware / CPU options / Reset dialog.

2. Disable ICUM with a Python script (request the script template at 

3. Download code to FLASH.

4. Re-enable ICUM with the script.

5. Reset CPU. After CPU reset the debug status WAITING FOR ICUM will show in PE1/PE2 winIDEA instances. 

6. Open new winIDEA instance from Debug / Core / ICUM.

7. In secondary (ICUM) winIDEA instance load symbols only. At this point secondary (ICUM) winIDEA should have status STOP and primary (PE1) status WAITING ICUM

8. Run ICUM in secondary winIDEA, reset CPU in primary (PE1) winIDEA.

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