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NXP/ST Power Architecture: Trace trigger doesn't work – Analyzer remains in WAITING state


Nexus Event Out Pin (EVTO) signal is used in winIDEA as a trace trigger, but it is not enabled.

Possible solution: 

To generate the trigger event (EVTO), enable it in the Trace trigger configuration window: 

1. Open View menu / Analyzer.

2. Click Analyzer Configuration button.

3. Check the Manual Trigger/Recorder configuration box.

4. Click Configure.

5. Check Enabled box.

6. Find Generate Trigger Event (EVTO) on section and check Disable box.

Nexus pins on certain MPC57xx microcontrollers can have different functions. Use PINCR and DCI_CR register to specify which pin on the microcontroller is used for the EVTO0 signal. Refer to the microcontroller’s reference manual for more information on the Nexus pin assignment.

More resources in winIDEA Help:

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