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Infineon AURIX TC2xx / TC3xx: HSM application is not running / HSM core is stopped


When the debugger is connected and Hardware Security Module (HSM) is enabled in the Programming User Configuration Block (UCB) then the boot code of TC2xx / TC3xx adds a breakpoint to HSM’s first instruction. This stops the HSM core from running and if the primary core is waiting for HSM to start, you can see this as the application / CPU is not running (or the CPU doesn’t start or is waiting for HSM to start executing code).

Possible solutions

Use winIDEA configuration for automatic synchronization

It is recommended that you use the latest verified winIDEA build.

1. Enable Synchronize selected cores (stop/run) if possible via Hardware / CPU Options / Debugging.

2. Enable the following options for cores you want to be automatically synchronized via Hardware / CPU Options Cores / HSM:

  • Automatically observe this core
  • Synchronize this core

This is the preferred solution and can be used in winIDEA 9.21.134 or higher.

Explanation - behavior after Reset
  • Synchronize this core is unchecked - HSM core is always stopped, even if you Run or Stop the primary core, HSM does not leave the breakpoint set by the hardware logic at the first instruction.
  • Synchronize this core is checked - HSM core is in Stop after reset. If you Run the primary core, the HSM core also goes to Run - the synchronization works.

Use custom configuration via the initialization file, which removes the breakpoint

1. Contact Technical support for the HSM initialization file. 

2. Open Hardware / CPU Options / Reset.

3. Add the initialization file to Initialization before Programming / Initialize.

More resources in winIDEA Help:

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