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Infineon TriCore: SCR Debugging


Standby Controller (SCR) is an 8-bit microcontroller that can continue to run during the standby mode. It is based on the XC800 Core that is compatible with the industry standard 8051 processor and is available on selected TC3xxx devices. SCR core is selectable in winIDEA as any other core.

SCR debugging can be achieved via:

SoC DAP port

Works with BlueBox debuggers:

  • iC5700 via DTM
  • iC5700 with an Infineon DAP/DAPE Active Probe
  • iC5000

You can't debug the SCR core via the main cores via SoC DAP port in a low power mode. 

Private DAP connector (SCR DAP)

Works with BlueBox debugger:

  • iC5000 via DTM
  • iC5700 

Make sure you work at 10 MHz DAP clock or below.

Enabling the SCR core

Before you can start debugging the SCR core via SoC DAP or as the primary core via Private DAP interface, chip must be properly enabled and configured. 

More resources:

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