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Infineon AURIX: How to set up performance counters?


With the TriCore plugin you can measure time between two functions, e.g. Type_Simple which starts counters and Type_Enum which stops counters. 


1. Open TriCore plugin by selecting View menu / TriCore.

2. Open Options and adjust the settings. It is important that CountMode is set to Task

3. Open Debug menu / Hardware breakpoints.

4. Set two breakpoints by clicking the '...' button:

  • First breakpoint is hit when CPU starts execute e.g. Type_Simple function. Make sure you set Event to None and set Counter to Start performance count.
  • Second breakpoint will be hit when CPU starts to execute e.g. Type_Enum function and because Counter Comparator is set to Stop performance Counters, the results are displayed in the TriCore plugin pane.

5. Run the application and observe the values in TriCore window. To get the time value of CPU clocks (hold by CCNT) has to be to multiplied with the CPU clock period. All these registers are memory mapped, therefore the same data can be observed in SFR or Memory Window. 


More resources:

Refer to winIDEA Help chapter TriCore plugin for more information. 

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