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RCAR-S4 configuration for Renesas evaluation board


RCAR-S4 consist of ARM Cortex and G4MH cores. If you use an evaluation board you have to use different debug connector and change some switches. 

Configure evaluation board

Evaluation board has 2 debug connectors, for Cortex and G4MH cores. Make sure you use the correct debug adapter - 20-pin 1.27mm Renesas RH850 Custom Debug Adapter.

1. Connect to CN1 debug port.

2. Adjust the switches:

Configure winIDEA

A separate workspace for Cortex and G4MH cores is needed.

1. Create a new workspace via File | Workspace | New Workspace for G4MH core. When selecting SoC, select R8A779F0 #R-CarS4 G4MH.

2. Make sure to add the RCarS4_G4MH_ConnectToSoC.cpp script to Hardware | CPU Options | Reset | Initialization before Programming | Connect.

3. (optional, if experiencing issues) Change the security ID code from all Fs to all 0s on SoC page:


4. After download, flip the SRAM into code flash address space at 0x00000000.

Simulations debugging of Cortex and RH850 cores is not possible.

Documentation for this device is not publicly available. For more information contact Renesas or Technical support.

More resources in winIDEA Help

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