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ARM Cortex / Cypress Traveo II: Freeze peripherals during debug halt


The peripherals on Traveo II devices, such as timers, are by default not frozen when the device is halted in debug.

Possible solution: 

Custom initialization scripts are distributed with winIDEA to freeze the Traveo's peripherals on debug halt.

1. Navigate to Hardware menu / CPU Options / Initialization before Debug session / Initialize field.

2. Select Custom.

3. From the SFR folder select the script <device>_DebugFreezeEnable.cpp matching the Traveo series you are debugging.

4. Click on the arrow button and select Parameters for <device>_DebugFreezeEnable.cpp to further refine the selection of your target.

For CYT2Bx devices: In the Parameters for <device>_DebugFreezeEnable.cpp, is important to select the correct core that will assert the debug freeze signal.

These initialization scripts use CTM/CTI Channel 2 and should not be used together with the Trace Cross Trigger Channel CTM/CTI, because they may interfere with trace.

More resources in winIDEA Help:

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