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NXP S32G2xx/S32G3xx/S32R4x: Attach and Detach workaround


Additional configuration is required when using Attach/Detach procedure in conjunction with the workaround proposed to the M7 application core hung state erratum (ERR051149).

Refer to the NXP errata documentation for a more detailed description and the proposed workaround.


Perform the following steps to correct the Attach/Detach functionality: 

1. Open Hardware / CPU Options.

2. In the Reset page navigate to Initialization at Attach, change the Connect method from Default into Custom.

3. In the Scripts field type built_in, click on the arrow symbol, and select Add from SFR folder. The built_in option needs to be manually typed since the workaround script has to be executed after the built in script. 

4. Select the workaround script matching your target (i.e.S32G2xx_Attach_Detach_Workaround.cpp when debugging a S32G2xx SoC).

5. Repeat the above steps in Cleanup before Detach.

When using this script, only Attach is possible after a prior Detach. Starting a regular debug session by Download or Load Symbols Only is not possible until the target is power cycled.

More resources in winIDEA Help

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