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ARM Cortex: How to configure general CPU settings?


These configuration steps are required to connect iSYSTEM BlueBox to the Target and perform CPU Reset command, which establishes the initial Debug connection.


1. Select your Device in a new Workspace

2. Configure SoC settings:

ARM Cortex devices can feature multiple debug interfaces, SWD  and JTAG being most common. In general the SWD debug interface is the preferred choice since it uses less physical pins and has higher data bandwidth. 

i. Identify which debug interface provides the target debug connector on your target board. 

ii. Select JTAG or SWD in the CPU Setup / SoC tab /  Debug Protocol section.

  • If SWD Debug Protocol is selected, default SWD clock setting should work in most cases.
  • If JTAG Debug Protocol is selected, the JTAG Scan speed is set in the JTAG tab, which is visible only when the JTAG debug protocol is selected and confirmed. 

    3. Configure JTAG settings.

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