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C++ and winIDEA


winIDEA supports debugging C++ source code. This article answers frequently asked questions regarding C++.

Is name mangling supported?

Yes, winIDEA supports name mangling of C++ symbols.

Name mangling is a technique used by C++ compilers to resolve function overloading. It gives a unique, encoded name to each function in the compiler output so the linker can correctly link all function calls with their definitions.

winIDEA can demangle these names so that when debugging a C++ application, the original function names, function arguments, and types are displayed instead of the encoded mangled names. This allows intuitive debugging on the C++ source code level. 

C++ function symbols are missing in the Symbol Browser

winIDEA Symbol Browser displays C++ function (method) symbols in the Functions tab if the option Display is set to Sort by address. 

To locate the method by name:

1. Use the Types.

2. Locate the C++ class first.

3. Expand it. This will show only the methods of this class.

More resources in winIDEA Help:

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