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How to control the power of an embedded target in automated testing?


For automated testing, it is often required to control the power of a target device. No matter if the target should be power-cycled to have a defined state for tests or if the target should only consume power when tests are actually executed. 

There are several options how target power control can be achieved. 

Possible solutions

iSYSTEM ADIO with Solid State Relays

The ADIO is a module for BlueBoxes that allows you to capture and generate digital and analog signals. It is connected via Fnet. Extending one or several of the DIO channels with a suitable Solid State Relay (SSR) can be used as an output channel to control independent loads such as embedded targets. Since the ADIO is fully integrated in our isystem.connect Software Development Kit (SDK), power control can be fully integrated in a test automation environment.

For further information, refer to the Technical Note Target power control using iC5700 BlueBox

Power Distribution Unit (PDU) and Power Supply Units (PSU)

Remote-controllable / Intelligent PDUs provide power-outlets that can be individually controlled via standardized interfaces (e.g., REST, MQTT, etc.). These devices can be used to implement more enhanced setups, e.g., switching on/off/power cycling the target board and debugger separately. 

Remote-controllable DC power supply units can also provide dedicated interfaces to control various parameters like the exact output voltage, current limitation, etc. These devices have an advantage if testing requires specific conditions (like, e.g., intended under-voltage). 

For a detailed presentation of both solutions watch the webinar Power & Access Management in Continuous Integration (CI) - Session III.

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