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Tips for working from home


What are the best practices for working remotely?

Possible solutions

Safely and reliably connect to your target systems with TASKING tools

Refer to the article Working from Home with debugger tools.

All firewalls must have exclusions set

Set exclusions for firewalls e.g. CISCO Hardware firewall, SW Firewalls e.g. McAfee Total Protection, Symantec Endpoint Protection.

VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection must be disabled

Cisco ASA

If a company network is protected with Cisco ASA, which means that by default all traffic, including local and winIDEA instances traffic, goes via ASA:

  • Put an exclusion to open used ports.
  • Configure ASA in a way that local traffic will not be handled by ASA.

Disconnect from BlueBox while setting up your workspace

If you experience a slow responsiveness of winIDEA caused by TCP/IP latency while setting up breakpoints or trace triggers in your workspace, consider temporarily disconnecting from the BlueBox. After finishing your setup, reconnect to the BlueBox by using Load Symbols Only.

1. Go offline by Tools / Disconnect from Debugger in winIDEA.

2. Setup your workspace (i.e., set breakpoints or trace triggers).

3. Reconnect to the BlueBox by selecting Debug / Load Symbols Only.

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