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winIDEA is not responding


Possible solutions

Use the latest verified build

Open iSYSTEM Downloads web page.

Close all non-essential windows

Leave open only Editor and Disassembly window.

Disable Real-time update

Right-click  in the Special Function Registers window.

Disable Cache real-time accesses

Go to in Debug / Debug Options / Memory Access. More information in winIDEA Online Help Memory Access chapter.

Disable Update when stopped

Go to Debug / Debug Options / Update. More information in winIDEA Help Update chapter. 

Create a custom SFR group

Updating the SFRs takes a considerable time - Check this topic.

High CPU usage

1.Open the Windows Task Manager.

2. Delete processes which are taking the most CPU power to decrease the load on the system.

Disable external watchdog (if available)

Refer to Active Watchdog issues topic.

Check Debug I/O levels

Enable Vref in Hardware / CPU Options / Hardware.

Remove internal resets

1. Enable option Stop after target RESET in Hardware menu / CPU Options / Reset tab  to stop the target after reset. 

Internal resets are visible in the Log file if logging (4) Emulator is enabled. Search for strings TC:Debug resynchronization Mode 0  or TC:Debug resynchronization Mode 1  before debugger tries to re-attach to the CPU. Need help with logging? Check topic Active Watchdog issues. 

Debugger BlueBox reads debug status periodically every ~500ms (TriCore devices - If LBIST detection is enabled, the period is reduced to ~20ms) and when it detects RESET, emulation is restarted. In case option Stop after target RESET is not checked, CPU is put into running.

2. Make sure CPU starts from the reset vector after power-on reset. Otherwise random code will be executed which will cause the CPU to misbehave and generate an internal reset.

Recommended system configuration (for optimal Analyzer performance)
  • 100GB free space on the TEMP drive
  • 4GB RAM minimum, 8GB or more RAM recommended

Chinese Windows 10 version 20H2

Refer to topic winIDEA issues with Chinese Windows 10 version 20H2

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