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Demo Mode


Possible solutions

Use winIDEA Demo Mode

Demo Mode demonstrates winIDEA functionality to a certain extent without any BlueBox and/or target connected. Enable/disable Demo Mode via Tools / Demo Mode.

Use case - winIDEA demonstration

As a first-time user, you can get a general view of the winIDEA layout and an insight into the basic operations of Debug windows (e.g. Watches, Core Registers, Disassembly, etc.) before connecting to the target CPU.

Use case - Download file(s) inspection

More and more CPUs feature different security functionalities against unauthorized access to the CPU or the CPU memory resources. It's common to these CPUs that programming invalid values to certain memory regions (e.g. UCB sectors on Infineon AURIX) can lock the CPU from further operation or make the debug interface inoperable. Caution is advised when programming the files for which you cannot be sure they address the security issues accordingly.

As a precaution, enable Demo Mode in winIDEA, download the application, and inspect security-related memory content with the Load map. Note that when in Demo Mode, the debug download doesn't program or load any code to the target CPU. After concluding the task, be sure to disable Demo Mode.

Use Synopsis VDK

VDK enables software development in much earlier design cycle phases. 

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