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Can not build EVE scripts


You encountered an error message Can not build EVE script! See Progress view for errors when attempting to start the debug session.

The error can be triggered when:

  • Any of the files inside the installation folder winIDEA\eve or eveGcc folder are missing or corrupt
  • Any of the device cpp/h files inside the SFR database folder are missing or corrupt
  • winIDEA cannot build (using winIDEABuild.exe) the EVE script
  • Incorrect compiler path

Possible solutions

To resolve this issue, you can follow the steps outlined below.

Windows 11: Compile pats includes "@" character

winIDEA compiles in the Users folder, but if user’s name equals his/hers e-mail address as it is allowed in Windows 11, then the gcc compiler doesn’t accept the compile path that includes a "@" character and fails to build elf file.

Solution is to redirect build process into location pointed out by the ISYSTEM_TEMP variable. See Install winIDEA for Microsoft Windows (see recommended step) in winIDEA Help. 

Check the existence and integrity of the winIDEA installation and SFR database

1. If the winIDEA Progress window lists a problematic file, navigate to its folder and check whether the file exists and is not corrupted.

2. The simplest solution to fix that is to:

Enable EVE logging and inspect the generated log file

1. Enable (27) EVE Log in Help / Support / Log, then reproduce the problem.

2. If the log file does not list any missing/corrupt files then the problem might be that winIDEABuild.exe has no permission to execute the built-in GCC compiler to compile the EVE script.

3. Contact Technical support.

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