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daqIDEA: Observing data in an application in low-power mode


The application's frequently enters a low-power sleep mode. During these sleep periods, memory access is restricted, making it impossible to access or modify global variables. This, in turn, poses a challenge, especially during debugging and testing phases, as the variables of interest are updated only during short wake moments. When these variables are added to the winIDEA Real-time Watch Window, the relatively low refresh frequency makes it unlikely to capture the most recent modifications.

Possible solutions

To capture the short time slot where the application is running, one should use BlueBox’s DAQ (Data Acquisition) engine.

The configured variables are sampled approximately every 1 millisecond. By adopting this approach, even if the device's awake time exceeds this interval, the last-read value is likely to be accurate, or at the very least, it synchronizes quickly.

The DAQ engine can be configured in two ways.


Using daqIDEA, variables of interest are configured and probed interactively. Values can be observed and monitored in real time.


The DAQ engine can also be configured programmatically via CDAQController.

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