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Renesas RH850: How to set up performance counters?


Time between CPU Run / Stop can be measured with the RH850 Time/Performance Measurement Unit (TPU) plugin. 

This plugin should not be used together with trace because both use the same event-triggering resource.


1. Open the plugin by selecting View / RH850 Time Performance Unit.

2. Click Options (Gear icon) in the plugin or Hardware / SoC Debug Module to open the Hardware tools dialog. 

3. Select PE1 tab. 

4. Select Auto from the drop-down menu in Time Unit 0 section. Auto mode configures the start and stop condition to the start and stop of the CPU.

5. Select Auto from the drop-down menu in Performance Unit 0 section.  

6. Open the the On-Chip Debug tab and click Apply Current button. 

7. Perform CPU reset before you begin with measurements.

8. Run the application. The measurements are displayed when the application stops. 

The Advanced mode allows manual configuration of the CPU start and stop conditioned on different kinds of events generated by the CPU's On-Chip debug logic (execution watchpoints, data access watchpoints, sequencer events). 

More resources in winIDEA Help

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